BTL Activities

All advertising BTL-events are oriented directly to the target audience of the promoted product, resulting in a high percentage of conversion of the contact into the purchase within the advertising campaign, which in most cases leads to a multiple increases in sales.

Currently,  ATL absorbs a significant part of the advertising budget in the FMCG market and works more on the image, brand recognition, but does not always affect the growth in sales in the outlets. However, do not forget that the buyer’s final decision on the choice of a particular brand / product and moving it from the shelf  to his shopping trolley is taken at the sale point.

BTL allows you to deliver an advertising message or call to purchase directly to each individual customer. In this case the advertising message has the most personal and individual character, and the place of advertising influence approaches to a place of sale or to a place where the decision on purchase is made as much as possible.

For this reason, manufacturers of mass-produced products are actively investing in BTL. Investments in BTL allow to reach target audience directly at the time of making a purchasing decision.

 The implementation of BTL-campaigns implies the achievement of the following goals:
  • Increase the level of awareness of the target audience about the promoted brand / product
  • Increase the level of brand / product awareness
  • Increase trial purchases of the brand / product
  • Increase the loyal consumer base of the brand by attracting the target audience from competing brands
  • Formation or strengthening of the necessary brand image in the mind of the target audience
  • Establishing an emotional connection between the consumer and the brand

Ultimately, the final goal of any advertising campaign, including BTL, is to increase the sales volume of the promoted brand / product. The main task of BTL-advertising is the maximum possible approximation of the promoted brand / product to the potential consumer with a minimum of costs. The meaning is to determine the place where the highest traffic of the target audience of the brand is observed. After this, a program of influence on the consumer is developed, motivating him to buy.